Many factors contribute to addiction, including family history, triggers for using, loss of control, the role of denial and motivation. There is also usually a structural problem with the way in which the brain stores memories. NLP can help to change these issues, resulting in a better chance for recovery.

"At the age of 57 I became addicted to "crack" cocaine. I went to a treatment center for 8 weeks, which I found very helpful, and yet, after 6 or 7 weeks, I relapsed and started "using' again. It was at this time I went to see Karna feeling defeated and ashamed. Through suggestions and guidance from Karna I came to a deeper understanding of why I chose to use cocaine and also the nature of the disease of addiction.....

What was most helpful to me was how Karna guided me to a place or consciousness inside of me where I was able to experience a power greater than the power of my addiction. I saw that I now had a choice whether to use or not use. For the past 3 ½ years with the power of that consciousness, I've been clean and sober-one day at a time. It's my belief that if a person wants help in overcoming where he or she is stuck, Karna has a gift to help. I don't feel that Karna cured me. I believe I will always be a cocaine addict. Yet she aided me in finding how I could live with the disease of addiction and never have to use a again."
Bill B.
Chicago, Illinois