Immerse Yourself in a Personal Transformative Experience

A life-altering Residential Retreat in Missoula, MT may be right for you

Karna developed Personal Transformation Retreats for individuals or couples who want to make life-altering changes as quickly, deeply and completely as possible. People who find themselves plunged into overwhelming grief, debilitated by past trauma, full of fear and anxiety or living without purpose and joy can benefit immensely from a Personal Retreat with a Karna.

During your residential retreat, Karna will walk you through constructing a big picture perspective of the way your life is not working for you and then take you through a personalized step-by-step program to help you change how you are stuck, conflicted or unhappy. She systematically sorts through your past and helps you shift the scenarios in your mind which keep you trapped in pain and disease. When you change the way you think, you can change your life. Karna will help you find your most resourceful mindset and outlook to become the peaceful, positive, grounded, confident, empowered person that you were born to be.

How do residential retreats work?

How do residential retreats work?

In your Personal Transformation Retreat you will spend 2-3 days working with Karna on the obstacles which stop you from living your dreams. Karna will help you gain clarity about what you want, and will guide you through making the adjustments in your mind, your heart and your soul so you can leave renewed. Karna's goal is to complete all necessary processing so that you leave your retreat feeling transformed, returning home with the necessary tools to sustain your transformation and move your life forward.

You'll be picked up at the airport and driven to Karna's beautiful home in the mountains of Montana, where you will spend 4-8 hours each day working with her in a highly customized individual program, addressing those issues which stop you from being the best version of yourself. Meals are provided (according to client desires and health requirements) along with time for rest, reflection and Nature (weather permitting).

A Personal Transformation Retreat is designed for you, by you and Karna, working to implement transformation, then sending you forward with the tools necessary to create the future life you designed. Clients interested in applying for a Personal Transformation Retreat with Karna need to set up a phone interview to determine if this type of environment is a good fit for what they would like to accomplish.

Call Karna at 406-880-2555.

Karna's clients have reported phenomenal results from Residential Retreats. Read about how a Residential Retreat has helped other people:

"When I arrived for my personal retreat at Karna's home, I was feeling out of control with my emotions. I felt like I didn't want to do anything, see anyone or even get out of bed most days. I had been living in a state of fear, depression and anxiety. I had lived through many years of rough times that included illness, loss, pain, betrayal and fear. I realized I had been just putting my head down and trudging through every day, year after year, not really feeling or enjoying or living life. Finally I couldn't do it anymore. I wanted to feel joy again. I wanted to trust and forgive and love and get back in touch with the parts of me that I had not been in touch with in many years. I wanted to feel joy and peace and love and humor and beauty and gratitude.
Working with Karna has given me all of these things. Foremost it has given me the ability to feel again. She methodically sorted through the years of emotion: pain, regret, fear, sadness, grief and anger, processing each negative emotion into positive powerful wholeness, restoring calm and peace back into my being, and into my life. Karna Sundby has a gift. Through my work with Karna I have regained myself and my life. I will be eternally grateful for the privilege to have worked with Karna. The work is lasting.... final..... amazing..... and so freeing!
Life evolves, I guess that's why it is called "the rollercoaster of life." Now however, it is comforting to know that there is nothing that life can dish out that I cannot handle with learned tools and access to Karna Sundby as my personal coach, spiritual guide, Kind Soul and NLP Rockstar! To top it all off, the accommodations were stellar, the setting in the foothills of Montana serene! The food was wonderful! ...........5+ star."
Mindy D.
Seattle, WA

"A recent medical diagnosis, potentially life threatening, had left me in a state of mental confusion. Obsessive thoughts, difficulty sleeping, fear of the unknown. It felt like no way out. I booked a flight for a "retreat" with Karna and a week later I was sitting in her comfortable office in Missoula, Montana.
We got right to work by identifying the negative emotions that were beating me up. Karna helped me understand the positive intent behind each of those emotions. Fear can give way to joy, self-doubt to security, and anger to confidence. We used a process to step into the future to imagine where I wanted to be. And we created a physical "anchor" as a tangible reminder of what was possible, a positive emotional state I could feel.
The next day's work was in her home office, a beautiful setting in the woods of Montana. Karna asked questions to find the underlying beliefs that were standing in the way of my emotional and physical healing. She took me through a process to change the negative beliefs to positive ones. That was huge! I learned how to be aware of my emotional state and change it quickly, if needed. Finally, we worked on a manifestation model, a roadmap for drawing into your life whatever you desire. For me it was emotional and physical healing. I knew the emotional healing had to come first. The work I did with Karna was remarkable in that it brought me to a changed state of mind utterly different than the one I began with. I could see, feel and believe the outcome I wanted.
Soon after, circumstances gracefully fell into place. My medical support team quickly coalesced. Answers I was seeking appeared before me, and I knew that was the beginning of my physical healing. I am so grateful to have Karna in my life."
Jim K.
Los Angeles, CA

"I had experienced episodes of depression before, but this time nothing was helping and it had been 4 months. I avoided all social contact, was fearful of answering the phone and checking email, and my thoughts were out of control. I resorted to binge watching Netflix or kept my nose in a book to drown out all outside stimuli. My heart was heavy and I pinged between crying for hours and being emotionally numb. Life was unbearable and I was desperate for a change. Then I booked a Transformation Retreat with Karna.
Much of our initial work was through my subconscious, discovering deeply held negative emotions, beliefs and experiences. Karna led me to identify, release and understand the intent and cause of underlying emotions. It was hard work and I fully trusted Karna to guide me. She is a skilled practitioner, loving, intuitive and wholehearted. Her belief in my ability to heal never wavered. By the end of my Retreat I returned to experiencing love, joy, security, peace and confidence. With my newly restored sense of self-worth, Karna and I created a goal, a plan and she gave me tools to move into the future I desired.
My voice is now lighter and brighter. I have a renewed sense of hope and know that I am capable of living a healthy life. I will be forever grateful to Karna for the healing, insight and tools she gave me."
Debra M.
Seattle, WA

"Transformation Retreat is well titled. I feel transformed after working with Karna for two days in the mountains of Montana. Karna is passionate about helping people and was wonderful to work with. Bringing her experience and an array of modalities, she used her intuition to guide me past my stuckness and ingrained negative thought processes that I've carried with me since childhood. I can now see my life through a clear lens based in the present and have a plan for fulfilling my desires for the future. I left my Personal Retreat with tools and I believe that if I use them, I can create all that I want and more. Now I'm grateful and very excited to see what this next phase of my life has in store."

Seattle, WA

"The work that I did with Karna at her home was honestly life-changing for me. I was so unhappy and living such an unhealthy lifestyle that I felt I needed to move to a new city and start over in a new life. Instead Karna's work helped me change my inner world so that I didn't have to completely change my outer world.
Karna offered me a loving, safe, caring environment for 2 days to do so and is still there whenever I need her. The time I spent with her was intense and enlightening, exhausting and exciting and I'm so grateful for all of it!"
Karen S.
Chicago, IL

"My childhood was very violent with a raging alcoholic father who abused my mother, my brother and I in every way imaginable. In spite of my childhood, I built a successful business but then was betrayed by people I trusted. When I realized I didn't want to live, I finally looked for help.
I had the privilege of working with Karna, who was excellent in helping me resolve issues related to depression, low self-esteem, and self-limiting negative beliefs. Karna helped me purge deep-rooted problems by helping me understand their roots. Karna has a remarkable combination of empathy, patience, compassion and a high level of skills that has helped me to improve my emotional life and physical health. It was clear to me that, for Karna, our time together was much more than just a job for her and that she deeply cared about helping me.
My childhood was filled with constant agonizing, but now I feel much more hopeful and positive, a tremendous change I never thought possible as I go forward with my life. Karna is truly committed to helping her clients and I highly recommend an intensive with her."
Dave T.
Spokane, WA