Michael D.

Issaquah, WA

"I came to Karna without knowing what to expect but with an open mind and a willingness to change. My goals were to soften my approach to my relationships with others and to be able to share my feelings more easily and accurately. That I was able to accomplish my goals in a very short period of time is astonishing to me.
I had tried more traditional psychological counseling in the past, but old habits would soon creep back into my persona. With NLP the core issues causing less desirable behavior were addressed directly. Through the magic of NLP and Karna's skill and wisdom, I can now see key turning points in my life through new inner eyes and "remember" those events or situations with different meaning. Karna also showed me my true self, and introduced me to my future self, the wiser more capable person I can become.
This process was so positive, profound and enlightening, it has transformed my life. I no longer carry as much fear with me, so I don't need to feel in control of my environment to feel safe. On a recent vacation I purposely tested myself by going sky diving for the first time. It turned out to be one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had and it honestly was done without anxiety.
I could cite many other ways in which Karna's coaching has changed my life in wonderful ways. I highly recommend NLP and one of the wisest women I have ever met, Karna Sundby, to anyone who wants to try a new and amazing approach to their self-development."


Missoula, MT

"Karna has been a Godsend for my family! She has worked with both of my children on different issues over the last 3 years with amazing results. My daughter began seeing her when she was 7 years old as she struggled with anxiety after the death of a family friend that created an attachment issue between her and I. Karna helped her open her heart again in order to help her build a stronger bond with me that I never thought was possible.
Most recently, she helped my 12 year old son with his confidence issues after he had an emotionally damaging year with his 4th grade teacher and former baseball coach. Even though he was performing well at school and excelling in sports, he lacked the confidence and trust in adults to enjoy any part of his life. She helped him to view things differently so that he could regain that trust and confidence in himself by giving him tools to use when he felt defeated. This has led to his best academic year yet and a basketball season to remember!
I have also been blessed to work with Karna through internal conflicts that left me struggling in my roles as a business owner and mom. She has a remarkable way of helping others find their strength without being intrusive and takes the time needed to help each person find their own power. She uses her techniques in a such a loving, caring way that makes it comfortable for kids to open up and tap into their inner strengths. While she may have more experience working with adults over the last 20 years, her connection with kids is undeniable and a gift that we have been lucky enough to open!"

Maeta K.

Missoula, MT

"Working with Karna brought me great insight, understanding and compassion around an issue I'd wrestled with for years. Her careful guidance helped me to define the issue, identify the need, and access the personal resources to mend and heal. Our work together was unlike anything I had done with anyone else and, while objectively I was fascinated with the process, I was impressed with how deep a journey I took with her. The personal toolbox we created together is one I now open on a regular basis, and the skills I developed are always there waiting for me."

Tamra F.

Hamilton, MT

"Conscious awareness and ongoing healing have always been a focus and I have received many types of healing modalities over my lifetime, but it wasn't until experiencing Karna's heart and method that I made lasting change.
I came to Karna because I wanted to get to the core of my past that was holding me back from self-love, self-worth and embodying my highest self. After an extraordinary intake where Karna intuitively asked questions that painted the story of my life and potential core issues, she went to work.
Karna's pure heart, non-judgment and loving way of walking me through the experience made me feel safe and eager to receive the healing. We traveled far. What happened next was a miracle. The core issue that caused my suffering was no longer felt. I could see it, but had no emotion about it-a great feeling of release, forgiveness and wholeness filled my body.
In the hours and days following the healing, I could feel and see evidence that this core issue was no longer an issue in my relationships, work and path. As the integration transpired, my heart opened even wider to allow in the newness of what Karna had helped me create.
Often times we think we don't have the time or energy to give ourselves healing space. What I can say is that working with Karna was a true Godsend. I was willing and she poured all of her gifts, training and talent into my healing. It worked, and not only did it work, I am a new person living at a new level of my life and my soul's journey. It was like having the book of life, the way I perceived it prior turned over with fresh, true pages.
I am eternally grateful to Karna for how she shows up as a conduit for the divine in the name of healing, growth and human expansion. Her heart is made of gold and her energy is pure and loving. I recommend that if you are willing to heal your life that you spend time with Karna. She is of service to you and the healing of humanity."

Sarah G.

Sedona, AZ

"After one session with Karna, I am now convinced that practitioners like Karna have a very important role in helping people counter the backwards, life-draining programming that most people were exposed to growing up. Most of us need help in reprogramming our brain's "computer software" to reflect who we really are, and guidance on how to get us pointed in a much better direction.
My session with Karna freed me from the negative emotion that was sapping my energy, and helped me literally transform myself. Our session gave me a "leg-up", so I could begin to focus on what I want, consciously reframe my thinking, and connect with the positive resourceful place within myself once again.
This is why "coach" downplays what it is that Karna actually does. Her work is powerful and unique and changes people at a fundamental level. I am so grateful for the brilliant light that she has been in my life."

Leanne T.

Robina, Queensland, Australia

"When I suddenly lost my partner of 15 years to cancer life was overwhelming and grief became a part of my everyday existence. Having a session with Karna was so valuable in helping me deal with many of the issues this grief and loss brought into my life.
When Lonnie died I felt a terrible sense of disconnection from him; the loss of his physical and spiritual presence was overwhelming and I was looking everywhere for a sign that he was still with me. Through a visualization exercise, Karna gave me the tools to feel the presence of the person I loved and I was able to find the peace I needed to reconnect with my life.
I would highly recommend spending time with Karna to anyone experiencing a life-changing event, particularly the loss of a loved one, as a positive and constructive way of looking after yourself and finding ways to move forward."

Barbara H.

Miami, FL

"I have had a life-long problem with motion sickness. It has not stopped me from an adventurous life in small planes, boats and vehicles in many countries. I would just get sick allot. Karna worked with me for about 90 minutes and successfully aided me in letting loose of the disturbance inside of me. Nine months later I put her treatment to the test.
I was able to focus on a very small map in a car on windy mountain roads for hours of difficult navigation to an airport. In the past I would not have been able to even attempt this. Last week I became certified to scuba dive. In the dive boats I felt calm and in control. I had to closely focus on setting up my equipment for the next dive while the boat was at full power and I had no problem. This was a 100% reversal with a problem which started at 3 years old and I am now 55. These two episodes left me feeling empowered! I feel now I'm able to overcome any limitation and am so grateful for her assistance in expanding my already wonderful life."

Brian L

Seattle, WA

"Working with Karna helped me identify the patterns stopping me from living life positively. I learned when and how they began in my childhood and how to change the things that kept me so stuck and I learned tools to maintain a better mindset. This helped me in both my professional and family life. My family noticed the positive changes in me which led to some joint sessions where Karna worked with me and other family members together. We were able to identify patterns within our relationships which needed improvement. She introduced a couple of simple yet profound techniques which helped to improve communication and understanding within my family.
During each of the sessions I've had with Karna, I've felt a great degree of empathy, understanding, and willingness on her part to repeat any section which I had not fully grasped."

Carolyn T.

Vancouver, BC

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago, which I believe was partly due to grief that I had buried deep in my heart for many years. Karna helped me move through the painful emotions and find peace with the past grief. The work we did together to change my thinking and feelings helped me find the courage to better deal with the cancer in my body. The professional and highly skilled manner in which Karna directs her NLP sessions allowed me to feel comfortable and safe enough to do this very sacred inner work. Her confidence, sensitivity and caring and allowed me to trust in her guidance. I am now cancer-free and will forever honor the work I have done through NLP sessions with Karna."

Patrisha C.

Seattle, WA

"Karna has an innate ability with a lot of compassion. She helped me resolve several deep issues which were holding me back and I hadn't been able to resolve on my own. I found working with her to be both subtle and profound, empowering and fun. It brought about real change in a positive manner and it helped me to discover so much more about my potential. Her understanding, sensitivity, ability to connect with me and bring about results was fantastic and, believe it or not, doing this deep work was FUN with her."

Maria L.

Spokane, WA

"Studying Neural Linguistic Programming with Karna changed how I "show up for life". It helped me identify gut-driven goals and pursue them practically and efficiently. I am calmer and more rational in difficult situations, and know that I have a choice in how I respond, regardless of the circumstance. Karna's work brought to me clarity, new understanding, and new motivation. She introduced invaluable knowledge and techniques, which enhanced my toolkit for life, in her authentic, professional style. Simply delightful!"