The autoimmune system has the responsibility to protect the body from infectious virus and harmful bacteria. Because of our mind's ability to generalize, the autoimmune system may sometimes make a mistake and jump to an improper conclusion that a particular substance in the body is harmful when it actually is not. That's why allergies often seem to appear overnight. The immune system has suddenly mistakenly tagged a harmless substance in the blood as if it were harmful. In its attempt to destroy the harmless substance, it releases powerful chemicals that then attack the good cells of the body and create the allergic reaction. It is usually possible to free the body from an allergy in one NLP session.

"For twenty years I experienced consistent allergic reactions to cat dander. After just one session with Karna in which we specifically addressed the allergies to cats and pollens, I was able to, the next day, not only pet a cat, but pick it up in my lap and play with it, having no allergic reactions whatsoever."
Steven T.
Seattle, WA