In the science of Neuroplasticity, a recent discovery showed that neurons that "fire together, wire together". When a circuit in your brain fires repeatedly, it can become a default setting. This is often how Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias have been "wired" into the brain. NLP processes help to undo the wiring that holds the anxiety, panic or phobia in place in the brain. The processes actually changes that neuropathway so that there can be a new default setting instead of a setting for anxiety or panic.

"I had developed a debilitating test anxiety and needed a solution quickly because I had two exams that I needed to pass in a very short time period in order to keep my business. I had one session with Karna and immediately felt much less fear and anxiety and more at peace. I was able to pass both exams (which I had failed before), and keep my business."
Jodi D.
Seattle, WA

"My first session with Karna was very powerful and useful since it prepared me for my appearance in divorce court. I had been experiencing extreme anxiety every time I saw my ex-husband, but after my first NLP session I showed up so peaceful, secure and dignified in a way that even made my husband's attorney nervous! By the end of my second session, I was feeling so good about myself that people around me started to notice that there was something different about me. After only a few sessions, I transformed myself and even eventually became friends with my ex-husband."
Bellingham, WA

"I have had a lifelong problem with motion sickness. In one session I had a 100% reversal with a problem which started at 3 years old and I feel now I'm able to overcome any limitation!"
Barbara H.
Miami, FL