Negatively charged memories stored in the brain cause the body to produce an over-abundance of negative chemicals that can lead to depression. When perceptions of the past are untangled, a person can align with his or her true identity, values and beliefs, and can begin to build a better future. NLP can help when you're seeking depression treatment.

"I have suffered from depression most of my adult life. Through my work with Karna, I came to understand that patterns set in motion to deal with the death of my sister during my adolescence were still in play. Karna took me to a safe place where I could face my sadness and put the experiences into a whole life perspective. I was able to retain the wisdom and life lessons from the event but able to let go of the crushing emotion. Amazingly, this had a physical transformation. The space inside my right eye where grief resided became open and my features could even out! I am now able to face what life hands me with optimism and wake each morning with an expectation of possibility!"
Rose T.
Seattle, WA