Negative emotions can lead to a state of chronic stress, doing harm to both mental and physical health. When painful cellular memory is triggered, people sometimes get caught in a loop of negative thoughts and emotions. NLP has brilliant ways of discovering the origins of the painful memories and then re-imprinting the ways in which these memories and emotions are stored in the brain, allowing them to shift dramatically. A person who learns the tools of NLP can be in control of their emotions. Then it is possible to be the deliberate creator of your life rather than simply reacting emotionally to the environment.

"My work with Karna has literally changed my life. That might sound like hyperbole, it's not. This past year was the most difficult I have experienced in my 28 years of life and working with Karna has made it bearable. Last December I left my fiancé of five years and felt so lost and alone. I knew I need to do something. After one session with Karna I felt free and I started meeting some amazing people and connecting, in a much more authentic way. Things were looking up.

Then February 24th I came home from work and found my father, my confidant and best friend in his bed... he had found eternal sleep. My world crumbled and I felt as if part of me had died too. Thankfully, Karna was there. Over the past year, I've done five sessions with Karna and, while I still have work to do, I can honestly say I'm feeling whole again. That's the beauty of her work, in a few sessions you can process and work through an immense amount and the changes/benefits are felt immediately. My work with Karna has focused on integration and it has encompassed every aspect of my life. Whenever I want to make changes, real, lasting changes I call Karna."
Chelsey M.
Missoula, MT

"My session with Karna freed me from the negative emotion that was sapping my energy, and helped me literally transform myself. Our session gave me a "leg-up", so I could begin to focus on what I want, consciously reframe my thinking, and connect with the positive resourceful place within myself once again.
This is why "coach" downplays what it is that Karna actually does. Her work is powerful and unique and changes people at a fundamental level."
Sarah G.
Sedona, AZ