Fear triggers many split-second changes in the body to help defend against danger. Hormones are released and nerve impulses drive up blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen intake to create a "fight-or-flight" response in your body. This is a natural reaction meant to protect a person from harm but can become a problem when a person feels fear even when they're not in danger or when they're anticipating that danger may occur. NLP processes help the brain and body re-imprint the past, learning that the danger has passed and it is safe in the present reality.

"My first experience with Karna was purely a chance encounter. We were seated next to each other on a flight to Chicago and within the first few minutes, I confessed to her that I was terrified of flying. Complete strangers at the beginning of our flight, by the end I felt I was with a warm and trusted friend. She told me about NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and how she uses it with clients to alleviate fears. I don't know if she was working her "magic" on me at the time, but I had never felt so relaxed during a flight. Karna has a very soothing way about her.

Several months later the anxiety started again as I became overwhelmed with dread of an upcoming flight. I went to see Karna professionally. It was strange. As long as I can remember, whenever there was a flight in my near future, I would ruminate about it before and during the flight, and then worry about the return flight. But after seeing Karna I never gave it a second thought! I didn't think of flying until the day before my trip when it was time to pack. The next day I boarded that airplane like a seasoned traveler. Honestly, there was a wee bit of anxiety (it's how I'm wired), but NOTHING compared to how I used to be. Since then, I have flown about 10 times with very little apprehension. Do I love to fly? No. But I now fly with confidence instead of intense fear, and that's saying something!"
Katie S.
Missoula, MT