Everyone holds beliefs which either limit or empower them in their conscious and unconscious mind. These beliefs begin to form when a person is quite young and observes the relationships that his or her parents have with life, themselves, others, the world, being safe, success, money, etc. Uncovering the beliefs that limit and sabotage a person's success is the first step in creating new empowering ways of thinking and training the mind to achieve results.

"My dream was to be a professional coach, but I never had the motivation or believed in myself enough to try. In my session with Karna, she discovered that I was adopted as a baby. Apparently even at such a young age I needed to understand a reason why my mother would give me away. I formed a belief that there was something wrong with me. That belief carried through my life and stopped me from being as great as I could have been. When I changed the belief, I felt different and began to believe in a new future for myself."
San Francisco, CA

"After one session with Karna, I was able to change a belief I had for over 50 years regarding a shortage of money. It was absolutely amazing and I have not looked back since. She is awesome!"
Roger F.
Bristol, England

"I have felt suicidal since I was in high school and once almost successfully ended my life. In sessions with Karna I discovered the belief that caused me to feel this way. I changed that belief and my own feelings about myself and can honestly say that I have not felt suicidal ever since...even when I was going through a divorce. This was a miracle for me!
D. H -
Seattle, WA