Phobia responses are typically instantaneous responses to a particular situation or stimulus like insects, heights, birds, snakes, water, closed spaces, elevators, etc. The mind has learned one response to the stimulus - panic. As a result, the mind runs this closed loop mental sequence every time the situation or stimulus occurs and a phobia quickly develops. The NLP Fast Phobia Method is a very effective way to break the closed loop. Clients often become oblivious to what had previously been the stimulus for their phobia.

"I have struggled for half of my life with a condition in which negative emotions, thoughts and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds. For me the sounds were the normal life sounds of the people closest to me - sounds like gulping water, chewing, breathing, yawning, etc. Hearing these sounds caused me to have intense feelings of intrusion, disgust, irritation, agitation, anger, as well as nervousness and feeling on edge when with people. I also felt guilt, shame, and embarrassment about having such a strong reaction to sounds that are related to people's must basic normal needs. Since the sounds came from the people that I loved the most and spent the most time with, the stress of the condition was much harder to deal with and I felt totally helpless.
A couple years ago, I found out that what I was experiencing was a condition called Misophonia, the "hatred of sound". It was a relief to find information about it and that NLP can cure Phobias. I had taken an NLP course with an expert in the field several years back. I emailed her to find out where I could get help. She said that if anyone could help me with this, that it would be Karna. I was quite excited to finally work on this difficult experience but also didn't want to get my hopes up too much. I honestly felt it was too good to be true to imagine I could feel any relief.
After working with Karna there was an incredible, significant difference in how I felt. In many incidences, the trigger wouldn't even get to me. I was just aware of the absence of the stress and the intense feelings that I was so accustomed to feeling. Karna taught me tools which helped manage my experience and the impact of the sounds were nullified. At times I would still get triggered, but the intensity of my feelings and stress was 75% reduced.
I could not imagine that this level of relief could be possible! Karna was deeply empathic with the profoundly emotional material that came up during our sessions. I really felt that the sessions were healing at a much deeper level than what I went to her for. If you are also struggling with this condition, you're not alone and you don't have to feel trapped, doomed or helpless. Reach out to Karna! I feel very grateful for the work we have done together and excited for anyone who can also experience a big shift with Misophonia."
Zeynap K
San Francisco, CA

"I knew nothing about NLP prior to my sessions with Karna, but they have been life-changing for me. I had been struggling with agoraphobia for years. Karna's love, care, sensitivity and incredible 'giving' were key to all I gained in her sessions. Karma is a natural communicator and has the ability to put you at ease, enabling you to trust and open your heart, which is essential for real growth to take place. A whole new world is opening up to me!"
Patrisha C.
Los Angeles, CA