People suffering from PTSD may relive the trauma, have flashbacks or nightmares and may feel numb or detached from themselves. When trauma occurs, it deactivates the left side of the brain. The left side is responsible for language, organization, analysis and sequential thought. Trauma activates the right side of the brain. The right side stores the memories of sound, touch, smell, and the emotions they evoke. When something happens to remind a traumatized person of the past event, the left brain shuts down, which impairs the ability to logically organize and sequence the experience. The right brain responds with the sensory and emotional memories as if the traumatic event were happening in the present because the left side of the brain has not been able to properly store the memory in the past. This is often called a flashback.

For change to happen, the brain and body need to learn that the danger has passed and need to learn to live in the reality of the present. Brilliant NLP processes seemingly scramble the way the right brain is holding the traumatic memory so that it can be sequenced by the left brain. This reverses the temporal sequence of events and begins to make the trauma become a malleable event under the client's control. The client experiences the trauma event undoing itself in their brain.

"I served thirteen years as a deputy with a large sheriff's office. Throughout my career I served as a deputy on the streets. I was an operator on the SWAT team as well as a member of the agency's Criminal Impact Unit, and High Risk Fugitive Apprehension Team. I was a senior firearms instructor, and lead defensive tactics instructor for my agency. Throughout my career I saw and endured much pain and suffering. About a year ago I hit the wall. My last call was a man who committed suicide by shotgun. I couldn't continue. I am on many medications for depression and PTSD. I have been seeing a therapist for the last two years.

A few months ago my sister saw a poster for a class on Trauma which Karna was teaching. I attended. I was very intrigued by what Karna spoke about and scheduled a session. I have had incidents which I have been unable to speak about without bursting into tears for years. After one session, I am able to relate those traumas. They are still in my mind but are in a place now that I can discuss and rationalize. I was suffering from violent nightmares every night and sometimes acting out the violence as I awakened, but after my second session with Karna, these violent dreams have never reoccurred. After a number of Neuro Linguistic sessions now with Karna, I can honestly say I have made enormous healing. Drugs and therapy have done little to compare to what Karna has done for me. I have been stabbed, shot at and seen much Death. I am broken. Karna is helping me find my self. I'm not being paid. This is real. I am open to discussion at any time with anyone suffering from PTSD."
Kevin Malovich
Missoula, MT

"Karna is my #1 go-to-source for emotional trauma, imbalances, motivation & support.
I have been dealing with PTSD as a new mom for 3 years. My son had his first anaphylaxis episode at the vulnerable age of 11 months. Having gone through a traumatic experience where I thought "I might lose him" stuck with me in my daily actions and created overwhelming fears. I did not want my nerves from this past experience to affect my full potential as a mom. PTSD can affect anyone who has had trauma and I could not shake the fear from such an intense experience.

In my first session, Karna was able to retrain my brain as she walked me through ways I could re-write this entire memory. I now had tools for how to bring me back to the present moment. These tools help teach my mind and body to know my son is safe and so am I. What Karna was able to do in MINUTES transformed me as a mother, a wife, a friend and a therapist!
I highly recommend Karna & NLP. She is a strong and loving woman who can give you power back into any area of your life. I know she has given me my power back! Thank you Karna!"
Angi M.
Missoula, MT