When you remain resentful toward someone, that person continues to wield power over you in your life. You think about them and remain hooked to them and what they did to you in the past. Forgiving can help you move out of your role as a powerless victim and release the control that the offending person and situation have had in your life. Forgiveness can actually lead you down a path of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It can help you feel empowered and rebuild self-esteem. NLP forgiveness processes help a person change their point of view and literally become unhooked from the past.

"The work that I did with Karna two years ago was honestly life-changing for me. It cleaned up my past, addressed issues I had stuffed away and most importantly finally there was forgiveness - for my abuser and for myself - something I never thought would be possible. "
Karen L.
Chicago, IL