Stress damages us physically, emotionally, and mentally. The way stress manifests and the way we respond to it differ from person to person. Typically the damage comes from how our mind/body responds to the anticipation of the event more than from the event itself. NLP provides a number of excellent tools and concepts to empower individuals to cope with or change stress and other negative emotions to positive resourceful states. With NLP it is possible to easily change overwhelming, immobilizing feelings into powerful motivating forces.

"The work I did with Karna acknowledged the fear and disappointment I was still hanging on to with the birth of my first son. Karna led me back to that place in time and allowed me to give myself the compassion I needed to feel at peace with this experience. I was able to release the talons of fear from my heart and move into pure positive love and shared the birth of my dreams with my second son."
Chanda Z.
Carnation, WA

"I have felt terrified of speaking in front of a group of people (no matter what the size) for as long as I can remember. One session cured me of this lifelong fear. No more sweaty hands and pounding heart! I now volunteer to give presentations at my job and in the volunteer work I do because it's fun!"
JoAnn J.
New Orleans, LA