As a result of all these ways in which the brain stores trauma in the memory banks, traumatized people may be stuck. If you grew up with trauma, feeling frightened and unwanted, your brain specializes in managing fear and abandonment and focuses on mere survival as the default. Through NLP processes, a person can learn to take control of their own subjective experience of the past, which begins to make the trauma become a malleable event under the client's control and they feel much more empowered and able to live in the present reality.

The simple yet profound techniques of NLP can neutralize negative emotions and memories of traumatic experiences such as rape, assault and sexual abuse. The processes change the way in which the event has been coded in the mind. The trauma is desensitized and no longer affects the way a person perceives and lives in the world.

"My time with Karna was absolutely transformative. I was raped by my college roommate's boyfriend and I have struggled to move through my trauma for many years, close to 20. In one session I was able to face my past experiences without being re-traumatized, and come out the other side better than ever. I have worked with several therapists over the years, and never made as much progress as I have with Karna in just 3 sessions. Karna's mission was not to allow me to relive the experience only to empower me. Since my session, I am much more content, happy, and less reactive. The best part is that my children have noticed that I am easier to be around. I highly recommend her!"
Jamie L.
Missoula, MT

"Having grown up in an alcoholic and abusive family, I continued to struggle long into adulthood with anxiety and fear of violence and safety issues. I worked with Karna over the phone and she took me on a visual journey back to find my 12 year old self and then helped me to walk her safely forward to now so that she could see that we are safe and loved in our 60 year old body. I feel so much better and the little things that used to startle me or bring me to tears don't affect me that way at all anymore!"
Zita G.
Seattle, WA

"Over the years I have attempted to work on the issues that stemmed from childhood sexual abuse. I found that many things I tried helped a little, but I never felt like I fully resolve the issues. The work that I did with Karna was extremely effective as a method of pinpointing the time of the trauma and working to change the behaviors by creating a new "picture" in its place. Now I'm not as anxious, I feel more in control of my life, and I don't feel stuck anymore. I feel empowered and more hopeful."
Gini M.
Seattle, WA