The key to working with kids is the ability to gain rapport easily and therefore trust. Karna has had great success working with children as young as 6 years of age who are experiencing issues ranging from shyness to anger to stress in school, family and sports. She has worked with many teen-agers suffering from issues such as bullying, cutting, low confidence and low self-esteem. She has addressed a variety of subjects: making healthy lifestyle choices, fitness, dating, shyness, family, relationship building skills, relationship endings and peer pressure. NLP has wonderful tools for building confidence, achieving goals, creating success, seeing conflicts from others' perspectives and discovering happiness.

"Karna has been a Godsend for my family! She has worked with both of my children on different issues over the last 3 years with amazing results. My daughter began seeing her when she was 7 years old as she struggled with anxiety after the death of a family friend that created an attachment issue between her and I. Karna helped her open her heart again in order to help her build a stronger bond with me that I never thought was possible.
Most recently, she helped my 12 year old son with his confidence issues after he had an emotionally damaging year with his 4th grade teacher and former baseball coach. Even though he was performing well at school and excelling in sports, he lacked the confidence and trust in adults to enjoy any part of his life. She helped him to view things differently so that he could regain that trust and confidence in himself by giving him tools to use when he felt defeated. This has led to his best academic year yet and a basketball season to remember!
Karna uses her techniques in a such a loving, caring way that makes it comfortable for kids to open up and tap into their inner strengths. While she may have more experience working with adults over the last 20 years, her connection with kids is undeniable!"
Missoula, MT

"My son has been labeled ADHD and I see how he struggles in ways that other children don't. His biggest issues have to do with being fearless, zero impulse control, and an inability to "switch gears". This coupled with extreme difficulty in focusing his attention make it tough for him to feel good about himself. Working with Karna has given him a sense of control over his behavior and hope for making changes. By using simple to understand exercises he has been able to learn how to slow himself down and think before acting.
To me it makes so much sense to teach children strategies that help them change behaviors now instead of trying to undo years of damage caused by destructive patterns developed over time. Now he's getting along better with others both at home and at school, and is able to more clearly express his feelings. Because he can communicate better with me, he's feeling more understood and I feel like a much more effective parent.
Karna has a gift when it comes to children. She has a genuine way of engaging them because she truly cares and respects them. They pick up on that. It allows them to trust her and to listen to what she says long enough to give it a try. I wish she could come home with me so that I could learn how to communicate with my son as effectively as she does. Bravo."
Gay T
Seattle, WA

"Before coming to Karna, my mom and I were battling each other constantly. There was always something going on that would prevent us from seeing what's worth getting emotional over and what's not. My sessions with Karna helped me clearly see where my mom's emotions were coming from, which helped me better understand the entire situation. My mom also worked with Karna and that helped her to see my perspective. Without Karna, I don't think our relationship would be the way it is today....healthy, loving and patient. We have never been more emotionally stable with one another."
Sophia, 17
Missoula, MT

"I went to see Karna for multiple reasons and one of them was to have a healthier relationship with my daughter. Even though we are very close, we were having difficulties understanding each other and the communication between us was not as effective as it could have been. After seeing Karna, she helped me learn how to communicate and listen to my daughter. Leaving the emotions out of the equation so that I can think more objectively and patiently. I learned how to understand why she was possibly behaving the way she was and therefore it helped me change my way of feeling and talking to her. Today we are closer than ever. Thanks to Karna's help and guidance, we were able to pass the obstacles and move into a healthy and productive relationship."
Sophia's Mom
Missoula, MT