Discover Your Inner Purpose
June/July Newsletter

The whole world is focused on jump-starting the economy. Maybe it’s a great time to consider “How can I jump-start my life?” That’s why I chose this month to share some tips on exploring your Higher Purpose and Passion. We’ve had some time to reevaluate our lives during the Covid lockdown and reflect upon how life will be different as we come back to some kind of “normal”. 


I’ve asked some clients: “If you look at your life before the coronavirus, were you excited to get out of bed each day? If not - why not?” Maybe this bizarre time of a global pandemic is an opportunity to not go back to the old “normal”. This can be a time you ask yourself some questions, a time to explore YOU, a time to grow, a time for finding your passion and thinking about how you might be able to create the life you truly want. I have attached a video and a document to help you get started on your journey.


The PEAK has re-opened so if you would like to have a socially-distanced session in my office at The PEAK or meet outdoors on a beautiful summer day, I am available! I’m also offering 1:1 sessions on the phone or Zoom if you are uncomfortable meeting in person. Sessions are on a sliding scale so that I can help anyone who would like to discover their Higher Purpose and Passion. 

Please email or call if you’d like a FREE 30 minute consultation or a private session. 
Be well!

Discover Your Inner Purpose Video

Questions and Exercises to Discover Your Higher Purpose